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Vancouver is a city known world wide for its natural beauty. Also famous for it rainy winters, the city sits in the middle of a temperate rain forest setting where early spring flowers and beautiful ferns thrive. Within all this nature an abundant artist community also grows strong supporting multiple disciplines and attitudes. Vancouver has a long tradition of performance art from which the LIVE Biennale was born. If you're new to the city we welcome you to find out more about what it has to offer by following the links below. Welcome.

Getting Around

Vancouver Transit
Vancouver is a city proud of its sustainable grow and environmental practices. Our transit system supports a variety of ways of getting around.

Vancouver Taxi Companies
Following strict and fair practices Vancouver taxi drivers know the city well. You just need to know the address and they will get you there. Be warned though they will absolutely take no more then four passengers at a time. Ask for a 'taxi van' if you have more then four in a group.

More Information

Vancouver Airport.

Another thing to consider is the new 'fast train' (we call it the Sky Train because most of the rails are in the air) construction. Vancouver is preparing for the 2010 Olympics which means there are some major traffic delays in and around Cambie Street. If you are trying to get across Cambie Street or across the Cambie Bridge you will experience delays. Sometimes these delays are unpredictable. The best thing to do is avoid rush hour travel. Luckily, the LIVE venues and galleries are on one side of the construction but if you have to get to the airport make sure you plan your trip well.


General Information

Weather Information

City of Vancouver
Interesting details about the city and a rare picture of Vancouver after a snow fall.

This website lists some of the hi-lights of Vancouver's neighborhoods. Their suggestions are limited when it comes to shopping and eating but the descriptions of the different areas of the city might help start you on an appropriate path.

Gallery Information
galleries participating in LIVE 2007

Vancouver Magazine
Recent Reviews and Suggestions.

This site gives information about the popular things to do in Vancouver.