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Emerging Artist Group Show

Presented by LIVE Curated by Ikbal Singh

On the streets of the city - out in public - a group of emerging artist will delve into a world of affection. They set out to explore issues ranging from physicality, sexuality, and intimacy. The performances will trigger questions of when is it noticeable, what is acceptable and how we evaluate levels of tolerance to public displays of affection.

4pm – 4:30ish
Francisco-Fernando Granados
Location: Harbour Green is on West Cordova, between Thurlow and Bute

Francisco-Fernando Granados is young artist working in performance, drawing and painting. He is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver.

Impossible Desire deals with the physical and psychological internalization of norms around love and affection.

4:30pm – 5:30ish
Julianna Barabas
Location: starts at the corner of West Cordova St. and Howe St.

Julianna Barabas is an interdisciplinary artist who in recent years made a lifelong (and visible) commitment to performance art as her medium. A trip to her roots in Eastern Europe this summer has rekindled her photographic and narrative passions, but her performances remain conceptual at heart.

Your Heart in My Hands is a gesture of care designed to fulfill unrequited needs for physical contact.

4pm – 9ish
Christine Grimes
Location: Waterfront station

A line that connects
now a punctuation
mark of difference
but as I read
I remember
our internal origins
and the unhinged equilibrium
of one and other.

The history of urban development reveals that the desire for control and surveillance of the working class was a major consideration in its construction. The seemingly mechanistic construction of public space as conduit for efficiency in both economic exchange and mobility disturbs and disrupts our ability and desire to engage both socially and politically in the urban community. I am exploring my agency to effect the significance of public space.

5pm – 7ish
Priscilla Costa and Troupe
Location: Victory Square at Cambie and Hastings

Since Priscilla Costa started her Bachelor of Visual Arts she has found her art practice in clowning. She has studied bouffon with Massimo Agostinelli three years in a row, comedy acting with Gina Bastone and most recently completed 'babyclown' with David MacMurray Smith. She is most interested in improvisation, raunch culture and the playful spirit.

Priscilla Costa and her troupe will play with the public, the act of display or performance and affection through Clown du Bouffon. Originated during the French Renaissance, bouffons are said to have been the freaks and outcasts of society because of their 'ugliness' and inability to be civilized by bourgeois standards. Therefore bouffons adhere to their own set of rules and ideologies by rejecting all taboo. But like all humans, bouffons know how to pretend to "play nice" in the game of civilization....