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‘The Impotence of Radicalism In the Face of All These Extreme Positions’ at Fondazione Sandretto
Re Rebaudengo, Torino, 2007. Courtesy Ibid Projects, London


William Hunt London, UK

Presented by Presentation House Gallery as part of the exhibition
Been Down So Long It Seems Like Up To Me’ Curated by Mark Soo (Sept 15 - Nov 4)
Presentation House Gallery, 333 Chesterfield Ave. North Vancouver


7 PM

Location: Presentation House Gallery

William Hunt’s The Impotence of Radicalism In the Face of All These Extreme Positions (2005), features the artist performing a self-composed acoustic rock song while suspended upside down. Hoisting himself to the
ceiling feet-first with ropes and rigging, Hunt’s performance combines the poignancy of a balladeer with the bravado of a stuntman.

Hunt’s body of work considers the conventions and effects of popular music and its performance through the solitary figure of the singer-songwriter. His work merges musical recital with feats of endurance where the artist places himself in situations of physical duress while playing the guitar, singing, or both. Hunt has variously sung songs in a submerged car filled with water, played his guitar standing upside-down with his head in a bucket, and deliriously performed music while standing on a rapidly spinning platform.

William Hunt is a recent graduate of Goldsmiths College, London, is an artist whose work considers the intersection of music and its performance.