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Photo: Cameraman


Velveeta Krisp & Tyler Wheatcroft (Vancouver, Canada)

ph level

Co-produced by LIVE and Helen Pitt Gallery.
Co-curated by Lance Blomgren and LIVE
Helen Pitt Gallery, 148 Alexander St.


11 PM

Location: Site-specific on Carrall St. Gastown

For one evening only, phlevel proposes to create a public appearance/performance. “ph level” will pull up in a limousine, roll out a red carpet , and invite the public to interact with Paris Hilton and her entourage. “ph level” is Paris Hilton, a monkey, a bandaged human figure, photographers, publicist, and a male dancer.

We will raffle off the chance for selected people from the arrested public to join ph level in a sex video(to be shot in the limo), or to join ph level in their next appearances. After autographs and photo op’s ph level departs
on their night of endless partying.

Wheat + Krisp are Vancouver based performance art filmmakers that love hygiene, medical apparatus's, fur, UFO's and collaborative endeavors.

Tyler Wheatcroft is performance artist, super 8 filmmaker, and the producer of the famed, "Madam V's Snakepit" an underground performance art series that has been held in Edmonton, Vancouver, and on Saltsping Island.

Velveeta Krisp is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice includes, but is not limited to performance art, super 8 filmmaking, installation, environmental design, sound, writing and curation. Krisp is the director of VIVO's Signal and Noise Festival, and an Intermedia graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.

**Extra Special Thanks to the PH Level Posse.