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Todd Janes Edmonton, Canada

Iron Man

Presented by Open Space
Co-curated by Helen Marzolf
Open Space, 510 Fort Steet, Victoria.


Location & Time:
    OCTOBER 23, Downtown, Corner West Georgia and Hornby Street, Olympic Cock, 4:30-5:30 PM

Janes is a curator, cultural sponge and critic with an emphasis on pop culture and queer theory. His latest projects have focused upon domesticity and blurring of gender and public/private acts.

“I am interested in exploring the spaces between dichotomies - masculine and feminine; private and public; domestic and corporate; and rich and poor. All of the performances have involved me assuming a role that is often held by labours in corporate spaces or placing domestic tasks and actions in public spaces. A meta-narrative of this work is the roles ascribed to individuals who are domestic workers and the de-valuation of domestic labour in society. I am extremely interested in the subtle and unseen activities that we encounter daily and consciously choose to ignore or acknowledge. Domestic activities are often hidden or ignored. These activities are neither valued nor assigned currency in Society. Ironing has become a corporate activity, as opposed to the individual activity it used to be. It is easier to take the clothes to the dry cleaner or have someone else do it.” Todd Janes

Todd Janes is a curator, cultural sponge and critic. For over twelve years he has been Executive Director of Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture in Edmonton, Alberta and Visualeyez, Canadaís only annual performance art festival. He is past President of the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton, President of the Alberta Association of Artist-Run Centres (AAARC), and serves on numerous national boards and committees.