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Terrence Houle + Trevor Freeman Calgary, Canada


Presented by grunt gallery
Curated by Daina Warren
Presented by grunt gallery
grunt gallery, 350 East 2nd Ave.

11am Crab Park (end of Main Street and Alexander)
1pm Vancouver Art Gallery for photo ops!
2:30pm - BC Stadium: scouting and more portaging after
7pm - Reconvene at Fox Cinema on Main Street & 7th Avenue
8pm reception at grunt gallery

Location: Visit for time and map.

In Portage, Terrance Houle and Trevor Freeman will dress up in outfits similar to that of a native warrior and Metis culture. Mr. Houle has charted a course throughout the difficult downtown terrain of the tourist and consumerist locales of Vancouver and will portage an upside down canoe from one water body to another. Through the intervening of public space the duet will recreate a historical action about exploration in Canadian history and landscape.

Terrence Houle a member of the Blood Tribe, is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary media artist. He has been actively involved with Aboriginal communities throughout Canada and the United States all his life. Since graduating from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 1995 he has exhbited in Canada, USA, France, Germany, Australia and England.