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Shannon Cochrane Toronto, Canada

FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery, 750 Hornby St.
Co-presented by LIVE and FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery


8 PM

Location: Vancouver Art Gallery

Shannon Cochrane’s 100 People Performance presents projects, objects and possibilities designed for and executed with the performer by the audience. Employing lecture, demonstration and instruction, 100 People Performance takes inspiration from Fluxus and the Guinness Book of World records in equal measures.

“This work enlists us into a new relationship through her with each other. We are collaborators in the production of a work that cannot be made without us. The immediate experience is not unlike taking a language class, or learning CPR, in that there is simple pleasure to be garnered from attempting to master a simple task, whether its learning to play the harmonica or making a paper boat. Cochrane has clearly torn a page from a sociology textbook (i.e. The Social Construction of Reality, Berger & Luckman 1966), drawing freely on the fundamental idea that people agree on social institutions and give them meanings as well as agreeing on their roles within these constructions. The instantaneous agreement that she extracts from the audience/participants is what gives the performances their momentum.” This Page is a Site, Johanna Householder, Canadian Theatre Review (2006)

Shannon Cochrane is the Executive Director of Fado Performance Art in Toronto. She has been performing since 1996 in Canada, Europe and South America.