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Photo by: Miklos Legrady, From Sitting with the Mountain
(offthemapgallery, Toronto, 2007)

Paul Couillard Boston, USA

Presented by Western Front
Curated by Natalie Loveless
Invited by Natalie Loveless
Western Front, 303 east 8th Ave.


8 PM

Location: Western Front

Paul Couillard will be performing a durational piece at the Western Front. Details to come.

Focusing on performance art with forays into theatre, writing, holography, installation, film and video, his work deals with issues of personal and cultural identity, and with explorations of our bodies as vessels of sensation and experience. He has a particular interest in considering the shared borders of our separate existences, searching for a language that can convey the complex layers of personal history, cultural/social specificity and the notion of shared or universal experience.

Paul Couillard has been working as an artist since 1985. He has created over 100 solo and collaborative performance works in more than a dozen countries, often working with his partner Ed Johnson. Paul has an MFA from York University and a recognized international history as artist, curator and writer.