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Banquet Cultural Center of the Philippines Photo:Racquel DeLoyola


Mideo Cruz Manilla, Philippines

Presented by Gallery Gachet
A co-production of LIVE, Gallery Gachet and Sinag Bayan Cultural Collective
Gallery Gachet, 88 East Cordova St.


8 PM

Location: Gallery Gachet

Blood, body parts, sex, violence, blasphemy! What’s not to love? It’s irreverent but serious, a little naughty, a little scary. Most of all, it tells me stories with different endings. – Norman Crisologo

Notions of self as nation are currently besieged, their inner gut work sucked out by a voracious globalist zeitgeist funded by large late capital. To cite a potential contribution to one’s national culture would have to be determinedly conceited on mine or Mideo’s part, but, if one might be able to determine such a lofty yet necessarily foundational category, then one would have to support those who have been consistent, bold and willing to sustain its thankless, uphill climb, for all that takes. Mideo Cruz has so far shown himself to be equal to this. The nationalist project of Social Realism in the Philippines, which began in 1975, has found, after the co-opted faltering of Salingpusa and untimely implosion of Sanggawa, an appropriate bridge into the 21st century’s vast, bewildering and fractured terrain in Mideo Cruz and his collective, the new world disorder. - Jose Tence Ruiz

Mideo Cruz is a performance, media and visual artist. His work has been exhibited widely since 1996 in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Cruz is the recipient of an Ateneo de Manila Award in 2006 and the Thirteen Artists Awards, Cultural Center of the Philippines 2003.