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Igor Santizo Vancouver, Canada

Presented by Helen Pitt Gallery
Curated by Lance Blomgren
Helen Pitt Gallery, 148 Alexander St.


7 PM

Location: Helen Pitt Gallery

“The outer sun hungers for the inner one.” J. Böhme, De signatura rerum

Pivot / horizon is a two part exploration into subtle and participatory action. Considering meditation as an event that is at once about stillness and observation, the simple activities of sitting and walking are offered as an experiment, invitation and question into the nature of first-hand experience and silence.

Igor Santizo is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist. Through his drawing collections, found object work, conceptual projects, sound experiments and teaching, he aims to explore consciousness, body,
object and document as stratas of attention, experience and art making

Santizoís work has been exhibited locally and abroad, including solo projects in Vancouver at the Western Front, the Or Gallery, LES Gallery and Gaff Gallery. He has also participated in group exhibitions at the Belkin Satellite, the Vancouver Art Gallery, Art Metropole, White Columns and CESTA (CZ).