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Glynn Davies-Marshall Stafford, UK

When debt comes in the window ‘love goes out the door’

Presented by LIVE


Noon - 6 PM

Location: Live at HELEN PITT GALLERY, 148 Alexander Street.

“My new work lies within the areas of Civic Space, Public Communion, Trade and Traffic, Material Bodies and Archaeologies. There are developments and issues that have have become fundamental to my practice. These include Colonialism, Dictatorship, the plight of those who are seeking asylum and a recollection of a place once called home.
For LIVE I will recreate a a model installation of labour strife, a picket line; lots of miners and lots of police, as well as many other objects and characters that you would not normally see in this context. I would like to connect this picket line with other important fronts and barriers that have been created throughout history. Trains will run on both sides bringing supplies, supplies that are slowly confiscated. When the food runs out, hope runs out. It will be played like a game of risk, to create a false hope. As with all my work, ideas will begin to develop over time and new stimulus and directions will begin and develop throughout the duration.” Glynn Davies-Marshall

Glynn Davies-Marshall MA Fine Art Leeds Metropolitan University “Glynn Davies Marshall is one of the great undiscovered voices of British performance art. An artist who combines a unique understanding
of process combined with the manipulation of objects and materials to create strange and secretive juxtapositions of reality. His work resonates with humour and gut wrenching pathos.” – Andre Stitt