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Daniel F Menche Portland, USA

Presented by Western Front New Music
Curated by Ben Wilson
Western Front, 303 east 8th Ave.


8 PM

Location: Western Front

Noise never sounded so good. Total sound purity, aural intensity, emotional rawness, vehement beauty, primal chaos, are the hallmarks of the compositions of sonic experimenter Daniel Menche. Be
provoked by his intensely powerful music - sounds amplified and processed to extreme levels, pushing the full spectrum of frequencies to the threshold of limits.

Daniel F Menche is a sound artist from Portland, Oregon, whose impossible to categorize work straddles the boundaries of noise, ritual and dark ambient, and other related styles. In his live performances and recordings, he has established himself as a musician with a sense of focus and determination, uncharacteristic in a genre known for its randomness and chaotic structure.

Opening act - Chris Kelly Vancouver, Canada