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“TIMEMIT” performed at PERFOPUERTO’s Ensemble of Men festival at the Matucana Arts Centre,
Santiago de Chile, May 2007

Artur Tajber Krakow, Poland


Presented by Western Front
Curated by Natalie Loveless
Invited by Natalie Loveless
Western Front, 303 east 8th Ave.


8 PM

Location: Western Front

“Although I accept the autonomy of art, I do not accept tautological artistic practice, locked in fixed definitions where a definite function generates and justifies the categories of behavior, agitating the public opinion,
provoking situations, generating social metaphors, clichés, scandals, etc. A model of an artist as a guinea pig or white rat is beyond my scope of interests. A prerequisite for the emergence of the characteristics of art is
an intellectual effort and deep personal engagement in some area, or simply creating this area. Thus my work consist mainly in carrying observation, constructing experiences, documenting them, and finally – presenting my observations and conclusions to others.” Arthur Tajber

Tajber will be performing from TIMEMIT, a series that investigates changing receptions to time and human imagination and its relationship with physical space. As well as his evening performance at the LUX, he will be performing one or two additional pieces addressed to the public space, locations and times TBA

Artur Tajber is an intermedia and performance artist, art theorist and organizer. First performances realized in mid seventies. Keywords: KONGER, Fort Sztuki, AkCJA / ACtION programme, instalaKcja (installaCtion), Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, 10th Krakow Meetings, Free Town of Krakow, Department of Intermedia, Intermedia Course, gt gallery, Pryzmat Gallery, WALKÝMAN, ORIENT-AcTION, DESOLAcTION.